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3 Things You Might Overlook When Finding Your Ideal Wedding Reception Venue

The wedding market is booming- and don’t we just know it! We seem to have options in abundance. Want your reception venue in a rustic barn? No problem! In a train carriage with disco lights? Let’s do it! Featuring some fire breathing acrobats? Take your pick!
Though, when making a booking, dropping the ‘W’ bomb down the phone seems like a great way to hike up the bill, so we need to make sure you’re shelling out for the experience of a lifetime! Here are some tips to consider when you’re on the look-out for an ideal venue:


Something often overlooked, but integral to give your wedding photos that professional edge! If you want to look fabulous in every frame, then you’ll want to get this one right. The lighting of a venue will also really set the mood for your evening. Think ambient light to set a relaxed tone- ready for a night of partying!
If your venue doesn’t have great natural light then you can call in the ‘big boys’ and a professional lighting crew will zip right over and do all of the hard work for you. Here’s to picture-perfect skin!

Guest List

Hopefully at this point you’ve figured out who your friends are… and which of those lucky people are invited to your celebrate your big day. The size of your guest list defines which of your potential venues are actually viable.

If your budget looks set to burst, then decreasing the size of your guest-list is the number 1 way to cut costs quickly. Of course, on the other hand, dreaded last minute drop-outs can and do happen. Try to think practically, even if it’s thrown off your seating plan. If possible, speak to the venue and try to recoup the pay-per-head cost of their meal. You could convert it into extra money behind the bar, or maybe you can negotiate an extra appetizer in exchange.


Mother nature is one mistress you don’t want to mess with. Depending on the season, the weather may throw more some more considerations into the mix when booking you big day.
Will your wedding marquee provide adequate ventilation for your summer soiree? Guests have been known to take an early leave from a stuffy summer wedding that’s poorly ventilated and swamped with bugs. Consider whether that beautiful high-ceilinged Victorian hall that you booked will hold in the heat to ensure a perfect winter wedding.

Try this: here’s a deciding factor, stand at the entrance to your potential venue and visualise your day. Does your theme fit in with its canvas? Can you see yourself smiling here, amongst a backdrop of fairy lights and surrounded by family and friends?

Planning a wedding is a very practical thing, but after all is said and done, sometimes you just have to wait for a venue that resonates with you. Feel that spark! Use our list to guide you and go check out some venues!

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