Small Wedding Venues

Getting The Best Out Of A Small Wedding Venue

In today’s culture of perfect instagram pictures and pinterest boards, there is more pressure than ever to have a big, blow-out, ballroom wedding. However, for those of us with tighter budgets and smaller venues there are many tricks you can use to keep costs down and still get a wedding album to be proud of.

Guest List

Be strict with your guest list. You don’t need to invite your second-cousin-three-times-removed. If you haven’t seen someone in the last 2 years, you wouldn’t invite them into your home, especially if you don’t even exchange Christmas cards, they don’t make the cut. You’re paying for their meals and drinks too – is this something you’d be willing to do any other day of the year? The numbers add up quickly.

Wedding Day

Consider what day you have your wedding on. Sure, everyone wants to get married on a Saturday, but at least ask about Friday/Sunday, possibly even mid week! There are hefty discounts to be found. Not everyone works Mon-Fri in this 24 hour world anymore, and if someone wants to be there they will make it work.


The right decoration can take a venue from 0-100 instantly. Professionally placed lighting can make a room look bigger, more expensive and can transform a dingy reception room to a castle fit for your fairy tale. You can personalize your big day and direct the focus of your guests exactly where you want it. Big dancer? Light up the dance floor. If you’re a big food fan you can draw all the focus to the tables. From centerpieces to feature walls, the right lighting and decoration will be talked about for years to come, as well as proving the perfect backdrop for photographs with all of your nearest and dearest. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love fairy lights?

Shop Around

From your dress to your cake to your venue, call up competitors and compare quotes. Make sure you are getting the best deal! Adding the word “wedding” to anything allows retailers to hike up the prices, so make sure you’re not being overcharged by one retailer when another would offer you a much fairer price!

There are plenty of ways to make your wedding work the way you want it to, while still leaving a few pennies left for the honeymoon. With a little bit of research and prioritization, you can recreate your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

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