Planning for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be a very special and enchanting affair. There are some important factors to be considered while planning for a romantic outdoor wedding. Whether it is a beach, campsite, vineyard, lawn, beautiful garden, or your own spacious backyard, you need to plan for each of these in a different manner to make the place cosy and inviting. From the lighting to the loo, each and every detail has to be meticulous. Here are some great tips for planning a perfect outdoor wedding.

Setting up camp

It would be great to pitch a tent for your outdoor wedding. A tent is a great idea for large gardens and parks too. They come in various styles, materials, and sizes. Pick the one which goes along with your choice of space. Select lighting options for the tents as per the natural surroundings to enhance its appeal.

Creating a relaxing and inviting space

Enhance the natural setting by choosing décor which goes well with the outdoor space. Lounge furniture, pillows, coloured linen, vibrant lighting and other things can add charm to a garden of blooming roses and lush greenery. Fabric drapes can be used to create partitions in tents if required. Decorate the tent and furniture with fresh flowers and various ornate light objects and liven the space up. Add a personal touch to the venue with these small design elements. You can rent out a lot of these things as per your budget.

Lighting the space

Lighting plays a very important role in an outdoor event and helps to create the perfect glowing atmosphere for the wedding. Optimal lighting can transform a place magically. The lighting needs are different for night time, evening and daytime. It even helps to demarcate spaces. Currently, there are many fantastic ideas in the market for outdoor lighting of weddings and parties. You can pick the lighting option based on the theme of the party. You can set the mood with garden-friendly antique lanterns, paper lanterns, solar lanterns, rustic lanterns, chandeliers, string lights, twinkling lights, decorated mason jars with tea lights, LED candles, scented candles, floral light projections, light canopy, light bundles, lamps, light columns, etc. It’s a beautiful idea to illuminate trees and plants in the garden. Take the help of professionals for your lighting needs and associated accessories to avoid any glitches.

Setting the ambience

Along with the lighting, flowers, and foliage, you can create a perfect ambience with music, dance, interesting games, and shows. Keep the guests relaxed and entertained throughout. If there is a pool, then it can be decorated with light columns and fixtures.

Catering and menu

An outdoor wedding menu should be a seasonal affair. It can be adventurous with barbeques and roasts. Keep separate area for preparing the food and cooking in outdoor spaces. Refreshing non-alcoholic drinks are a good option if it’s hot and dry. It would be ideal to arrange the dining area with smaller tables to create a more intimate atmosphere for the guests.

Keep the elements at bay

It is important to have a good strategy to keep the guests comfortable as per the current season. It’s best to avoid the hurricane season for beach weddings and outdoor weddings in general. In very breezy locations, extra care should be taken to secure your décor, furniture, centrepieces, and items like tables, chairs, and other catering equipment. Give adequate shelter from rains. It’s essential to provide ample shade on the hot days. On the cold days, there can be heaters, bonfires, and you can even provide blankets, scarves, and shawls. If there is grass, then make sure to provide plastic heel protectors to prevent shoes from sinking into the soil.

Banish the bugs

Make certain to ensure that there are no bugs to trouble your guests by taking sufficient pest control measures prior to the event. Even during the event, there are some lighting options which will attract insects and keep them away from the main guest area. There are many other natural ways by which you can keep away the bugs like scented candles or torches with citronella or lemon grass oil. Springs of lavender, mint, rosemary, and thyme are also natural and practical bug repellents which are great for garden venues.

Directions and signage

Guests should be able to easily find their way around from altar to dinner tables and dance floor to washrooms. Have the necessary signage and placards for guiding them properly through various events and sections. Illuminate the walkways and signage properly with luminaries, antique lanterns, and other lights to create a glowing path.

The essentials

Make sure you have adequate power backup in the form of generators for keeping the party going smoothly in case of power outages. Along with indoor or tent restrooms, you can also install rented luxury portable restrooms. These can be customized with air conditioning or heaters as per the season to offer maximum comfort. Keep in mind to provide guests with other basic essentials like soaps, tissues, etc.

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